An Ode to Bowie

Last Sunday, January 10th the world lost a music legend. David Bowie. The whole world seemed to weep with the news of his passing. Losing the Space Oddity singer to cancer truly darkened the world. But even in his death, he has left a truly magical gift to all who loved him. His newest album Black Star was released on the singer’s birthday, the day before he passed. It is truly one of my favorites from the Goblin King himself. It is so raw, deep, and truly touching. Emotion radiates throughout the whole album. It’s obvious he wrote this album as a goodbye to the world and I’m sure he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

David Bowie's Blackstar

His final star: Blackstar

Bowie has changed and sculpted not only the music world but pop culture as a whole. From his outlandish outfits and fashion to his weird movie characters,  he was one of a kind. He glittered on the stage when he performed, was a genius with words, and just seemed out of this world. Space Oddity put him on the map and he continued to race through the galaxy of fame and brilliance until his untimely death.

How wonderful it must be to have such an impact on the world. People of all ages know who he is and I’m sure will continue to remember him. I was walking down the street the day of his death and happened on a magical sight. I had just heard of his death and was saddened by the news. It was cold and a very fine snow began to fall. While I was walking along the street, blending in with the normality of the world, I heard a beautiful song sift through the brisk chilly air and enter my ears. It was Bowie’s Changes. It was coming from an old record store. As I pushed the heavy door to the shop open I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a mass of people standing around hugging and dancing, People of all ages and races just gathered together to celebrate this man’s life.

My mood elevated from sad to grateful and hopeful. Bowie just wanted us to celebrate him not mourn him. Bowie was and will continue to be a legend. We may have lost him but the galaxy just got back its brightest star. Keep on rocking on!