How About Them Beatles?

lighting on a concert crowd

How about them Beatles

The Beatles, probably the most well-known and iconic band in existence. I heard my first Beatles song wrapped up in the fetal position inside my mom’s womb. She told me she use to play their music and the tunes would steady my rapid kicking. Even to this day every time I hear, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” I get a very calming sensation throughout my entire being.

The Beatles are kind of like a tree and stump removal service (Click here for example of a tree removal service); they dig down deep to your soul and get rid of all your rotten insides, leaving you feeling like a new person. I know it’s a weird analogy but I think its fitting. The Beatles do not discriminate, all generations, young, old, and in between seem to be able to connect to their music. John Lennon is still to this day a hero of peace and gives people hope. His song “Imagine” is timeless. Even though he is dead his presence is still very much alive not only in the music world but in the humanity of the world. Even some of their wilder songs like “Yellow Submarine” and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” when they were clearly tripping on something, were brilliant and made a huge impact. The Beatles really could do no wrong. They aren’t my all time favorite band and I’m not a major Beatles fan but I think they are a huge part of the music world for sure. They were the first real “boy band” but they actually made legit music unlike today’s “wannabe boy bands”. They paved the way for the British Invasion that took the world by storm. It really amazes me how still very relevant they are today and the impact that they have made. It truly brings me hope that music today can still be saved. I will touch on The Beatles again but this is a good start! Keep on rocking on!

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