It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

It’s that time of the year again. Snow, presents, Christmas trees, cookies, Santa, and of course all those wonderful Christmas songs. The Holidays are upon us. It feels to me like everything else, Christmas music starts playing earlier and earlier every year. Now I enjoy Christmas music like most people do but I tire of it very quickly. There is only so much Jingle Bells I can take. My mom is one of those people that would listen to the repetitive jingles of Xmas music all year long if she could.


Christmas music in my opinion doesn’t have the same effect as everyday music. It carries a message of joy, love, Jesus and of the Holidays. Unlike regular music, it doesn’t make you feel as deep and for the most part gives everyone who listens to it the same vibe. A lot of the songs are very repetitive; there really aren’t that many songs to pick from either. Yet if a new Xmas song comes out its very hard for people to accept it because we as humans like our “traditional Christmas songs.”


I don’t want to bring down the wonderful music that is Christmas songs; they do bring cheer and lift spirits. There definitely is magic in some of them. Silent night and what child is this always seem to give me all the feels. I love the Trans- Siberia Orchestra and Andrea Bocelli. They both are absolutely magical and make me look forward to hearing Christmas music every year. The acapella group Pentatonic has brought a new flare to the genre and brought in a younger crowd.


There are a lot of good things that come with Christmas music; but I can only take so much. My absolute favorite song, “Dominic the Donkey”, is rarely played so maybe that’s why I’m not feeling the Xmas music this year! Lets just say I’m glad that Christmas music is played only for a short time every year, at least for now! No matter how many famous singers you get to sing “We wish you a merry Christmas” or “Santa Baby”, its still the same song! Happy Holidays and keep rocking on!                                                  Hand Drawn Snow Village Christmas vector designed by Freepik

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