Gotta Love Them 80’s Jams

 Gotta Love Them 80’s Jams
Whenever I need to get in the mood to dance, workout, or get pumped up 80’s music always does the trick. Some people loathe the up-tempo, electric, and somewhat stupid lyrics that belong to the 80’s genre. But others revel in it. I am the later. Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Queen are just a few artists that get my feet moving and spirits up. Being born in 1989 I guess I am a little bitter that I missed out on most of the 80’s. Maybe that’s why I have such a love for 80’s jams. “Call Me” by Blondie and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen are two of my all-time favorite songs. In my eyes you really can’t go wrong with 80’s music. 80’s music has a special  tone, beat, and fun rhythm that just makes most people want to sing out loud or  dance.

I was recently on a road trip with a couple of friends, one who was a guy who works for Affordable Dumpsters, so he is one of those brutishly big tough guys.   While we were driving my other friend put on an 80’s channel and the song “Don’t You (forget about me)” came on. As soon as the first beat blasted through the speaker all three of us, tough guy included, began dancing and singing along. 80’s music can and does reach everybody. I really know everybody has at least one favorite song that is in the 80’s genre. Even my little twelve-year- old cousin who mainly listens to pop and rap loves the song “Jessie’s Girl” and knows every word.

Whether you want to feel happy or cry your eyes out there is an 80’s song for you. I think 80’s songs are so popular because they are true reflections of human experience and emotions. Plus you get more than a few songs that make no sense at all which makes it that much more fun to sing along to. If you ask me this world could use more 80’s music. Who wouldn’t feel better after listening to some Queen or R.E.M? I’m not saying to bring back spandex and parachute pants just the music.

80’s music is super under rated and overly criticized. It doesn’t matter that you don’t understand the lyrics or hate that most of the songs just fade out instead of ending. As long as it feels good and makes you sing along and dance then 80’s music  is a good thing indeed

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