When Doves Cry: A Tribute to Prince

When Doves Cry, a Tribute to PrinceOn April 21, 2016 we lost yet another music legend, Prince. He was a force to be reckoned with and had a flare that was all his own. He broke into the music scene in the late 70’s with songs such as I Feel for You, Soft and Wet, and I Wanna Be Your Lover. His most well-known songs were Little Red Corvette, Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, and Thieves in the Temple.


Prince was known not only for his high-pitched falsetto voice and catchy songs, but also for his unique fashion. He didn’t care what other’s thought and paved the way for others to abandon the fear of what other’s thought and to just be themselves. A close friend of mine, who happens to work for a local pool water company, was a real Prince fan.  We were together when we heard of Prince’s passing.  My friend was visibly moved by the news and said “Prince made it ok to be different.” I could not have said it better myself.  He was a true music genius and just an all-around cool dude. He will truly be missed. Continue reading When Doves Cry: A Tribute to Prince

Gotta Love Them 80’s Jams

 Gotta Love Them 80’s Jams
Whenever I need to get in the mood to dance, workout, or get pumped up 80’s music always does the trick. Some people loathe the up-tempo, electric, and somewhat stupid lyrics that belong to the 80’s genre. But others revel in it. I am the later. Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Queen are just a few artists that get my feet moving and spirits up. Being born in 1989 I guess I am a little bitter that I missed out on most of the 80’s. Maybe that’s why I have such a love for 80’s jams. “Call Me” by Blondie and “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen are two of my all-time favorite songs. In my eyes you really can’t go wrong with 80’s music. 80’s music has a special  tone, beat, and fun rhythm that just makes most people want to sing out loud or  dance.

I was recently on a road trip with a couple of friends, one who was a guy who works for Affordable Dumpsters, so he is one of those brutishly big tough guys.   While we were driving my other friend put on an 80’s channel and the song “Don’t You (forget about me)” came on. As soon as the first beat blasted through the speaker all three of us, tough guy included, began dancing and singing along. 80’s music can and does reach everybody. I really know everybody has at least one favorite song that is in the 80’s genre. Even my little twelve-year- old cousin who mainly listens to pop and rap loves the song “Jessie’s Girl” and knows every word.

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How About Them Beatles?

lighting on a concert crowd

How about them Beatles

The Beatles, probably the most well-known and iconic band in existence. I heard my first Beatles song wrapped up in the fetal position inside my mom’s womb. She told me she use to play their music and the tunes would steady my rapid kicking. Even to this day every time I hear, “I Want to Hold Your Hand” I get a very calming sensation throughout my entire being.

The Beatles are kind of like a tree and stump removal service (Click here for example of a tree removal service); they dig down deep to your soul and get rid of all your rotten insides, leaving you feeling like a new person. I know it’s a weird analogy but I think its fitting. The Beatles do not discriminate, all generations, young, old, and in between seem to be able to connect to their music. John Lennon is still to this day a hero of peace and gives people hope. His song “Imagine” is timeless. Even though he is dead his presence is still very much alive not only in the music world but in the humanity of the world. Even some of their wilder songs like “Yellow Submarine” and “Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds” when they were clearly tripping on something, were brilliant and made a huge impact. The Beatles really could do no wrong. They aren’t my all time favorite band and I’m not a major Beatles fan but I think they are a huge part of the music world for sure. They were the first real “boy band” but they actually made legit music unlike today’s “wannabe boy bands”. They paved the way for the British Invasion that took the world by storm. It really amazes me how still very relevant they are today and the impact that they have made. It truly brings me hope that music today can still be saved. I will touch on The Beatles again but this is a good start! Keep on rocking on!

SPAC-tacular Fiftieth Anniversary

The upcoming concert season at Saratoga Performing Arts Center is upon us!  The Dixie Chicks opened up the season last night, June 11th. SPAC is one of the best concert venues in the Capital Region, giving every guest a wonderful live music experience. Located in the middle of the beautiful Saratoga State Park,  SPAC is truly breathtaking. SPAC is celebrating its fiftieth year of operation this year. The venue doesn’t discriminate againSPAC 2016 Fiftieth Anniversary Seasonst any kind of music and has something for everyone.  Whether you’re into country, rap, jazz, alternative, rap, classical, or ballet,  SPAC has it.

Mumford and Sons, a sold out show, will be playing June 15th. Dead and Company is coming on June 21st for all you dead heads out there. SPAC is also known for its three days of Dave Matthews, The Jazz Festival, and its Phish weekend. Journey and the Doobie Brothers will be at SPAC this year in July as well as Disturbed and the dance company of Alvin and Ailey. for more details check out http://www.spac.org/events


SPAC is truly a concert venue gem and is a wonderful place to relax, have fun, and enjoy the arts. Lawn tickets are the most popular tickets and aren’t too pricey at all. Parking can be a pain so I recommend buying a VIP parking ticket which allows you closer parking, it is definitely worth it. So if you find yourself thinking of something to do give SPAC a chance, you won’t be disappointed.


The New York City Ballet comes July 21st and shouldn’t be missed. The very popular country singer Luke Bryan comes July 31st and for all the millennials like me, the much-loved alternative band Blink-182 is back together and plays at SPAC in September.


It wouldn’t truly be summer without going to SPAC to see a show. Get out there, be safe, and have fun! Happy Fiftieth SPAC!

An Ode to Bowie

Last Sunday, January 10th the world lost a music legend. David Bowie. The whole world seemed to weep with the news of his passing. Losing the Space Oddity singer to cancer truly darkened the world. But even in his death, he has left a truly magical gift to all who loved him. His newest album Black Star was released on the singer’s birthday, the day before he passed. It is truly one of my favorites from the Goblin King himself. It is so raw, deep, and truly touching. Emotion radiates throughout the whole album. It’s obvious he wrote this album as a goodbye to the world and I’m sure he wouldn’t have had it any other way.

David Bowie's Blackstar

His final star: Blackstar

Bowie has changed and sculpted not only the music world but pop culture as a whole. From his outlandish outfits and fashion to his weird movie characters,  he was one of a kind. He glittered on the stage when he performed, was a genius with words, and just seemed out of this world. Space Oddity put him on the map and he continued to race through the galaxy of fame and brilliance until his untimely death.

How wonderful it must be to have such an impact on the world. People of all ages know who he is and I’m sure will continue to remember him. I was walking down the street the day of his death and happened on a magical sight. I had just heard of his death and was saddened by the news. It was cold and a very fine snow began to fall. While I was walking along the street, blending in with the normality of the world, I heard a beautiful song sift through the brisk chilly air and enter my ears. It was Bowie’s Changes. It was coming from an old record store. As I pushed the heavy door to the shop open I couldn’t believe my eyes. There was a mass of people standing around hugging and dancing, People of all ages and races just gathered together to celebrate this man’s life.

My mood elevated from sad to grateful and hopeful. Bowie just wanted us to celebrate him not mourn him. Bowie was and will continue to be a legend. We may have lost him but the galaxy just got back its brightest star. Keep on rocking on!

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

It’s that time of the year again. Snow, presents, Christmas trees, cookies, Santa, and of course all those wonderful Christmas songs. The Holidays are upon us. It feels to me like everything else, Christmas music starts playing earlier and earlier every year. Now I enjoy Christmas music like most people do but I tire of it very quickly. There is only so much Jingle Bells I can take. My mom is one of those people that would listen to the repetitive jingles of Xmas music all year long if she could.


Christmas music in my opinion doesn’t have the same effect as everyday music. It carries a message of joy, love, Jesus and of the Holidays. Unlike regular music, it doesn’t make you feel as deep and for the most part gives everyone who listens to it the same vibe. A lot of the songs are very repetitive; there really aren’t that many songs to pick from either. Yet if a new Xmas song comes out its very hard for people to accept it because we as humans like our “traditional Christmas songs.”


I don’t want to bring down the wonderful music that is Christmas songs; they do bring cheer and lift spirits. There definitely is magic in some of them. Silent night and what child is this always seem to give me all the feels. I love the Trans- Siberia Orchestra and Andrea Bocelli. They both are absolutely magical and make me look forward to hearing Christmas music every year. The acapella group Pentatonic has brought a new flare to the genre and brought in a younger crowd.


There are a lot of good things that come with Christmas music; but I can only take so much. My absolute favorite song, “Dominic the Donkey”, is rarely played so maybe that’s why I’m not feeling the Xmas music this year! Lets just say I’m glad that Christmas music is played only for a short time every year, at least for now! No matter how many famous singers you get to sing “We wish you a merry Christmas” or “Santa Baby”, its still the same song! Happy Holidays and keep rocking on!                                                  Hand Drawn Snow Village Christmas vector designed by Freepik

My Life in Music

Musical Trebel ClefSo here I am. As I am writing this I am listening to Adele’s song “Hello” which I’m sure most of you have heard by now. I thought I would start this post off about her new album. Now I love all kinds of music. Even though I grew up in the 90’s, yes, the dreaded boy band era, I promise I am not ruined or biased by that. I enjoy all kinds of music. I’m not too keen on country but I will address that in a later post.  I was very excited to listen to Adele’s new album “25”. As soon as I popped the CD into my car’s player the sweet voice of Adele filled my ears. There is something magical about her voice. It is so raw, so pure. You can feel the emotion through every note she sings. Her new album has some great ballads such as “Remedy” and “When we were young.” Although most of her songs are deep and emotional there a couple that are upbeat. I found her songs very powerful and uplifting. She has broken all sorts of music records with her album; she is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

As I mentioned before I grew up in the 90’s. There were the Backstreet Boys, N’SYNC and too many ridiculous boy bands too name. R&B was at its peak and MTV was still playing music videos. I loved that I grew up with the 90’s music. Yes there were some questionable songs, bands, and singers but overall it was a really amazing time for music. Now I grew up listening to not only the music of my generation but also that of my father’s. He filled my head with songs of the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s as well, and I thank him for that. There really isn’t any song I don’t know that plays on an oldies station. I actually know more of the older music than that of the music that comes out now. Don’t even get me going on the Beibs or the pop that comes out now. In my opinion song writing and music has taken a turn for the worst. That is why I lean more towards indie bands or music of the past. Plain and simple music was so much better. In my later posts I will post about the local music scene and touch on some of, in my opinion, the greatest songs and musicians of all time. Thanks for listening! If you haven’t listened to Adele’s new album I definitely recommend it! Keep on rocking!